The Problem With Social Media Essay

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The Problem with Social media
Daniel S, Dodge
Maranatha Baptist University

The Problem with Social media
In 1983 the timely invention of the “network of networks” was not so big of a feat for the modern world, then it was just a simple series of networks to carry bits of information across greater distances mainly used for military purposes, however around 1990, a man by the name of Tim Berners-Lee created the world wide web, and what is now known as the Internet. Although at the time it was not as widely used as modern day, it quickly became much more popular around the early two thousands when an application called Social media started gaining its fame. At first the internet was designed for military use and simple information for people and businesses to be able to get access to with ease. However, after the introduction of Social media the main purpose for the Internet drastically changed, it quickly became very widely commercialized and turned into a tool for the public use of entertainment and connection with one another. Today social media is something huge that has sprouted out of the world web and become one of the main reasons for its use. Although there are a great many benefits to having this media giant in daily life, and tucked away in “the back pocket” there has been a great number of social defects caused by this “social aid.” Since social media’s introduction to society, people have slowly become entirely too dependent on its platforms to help…

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