The Problem With Single Parent Households And The Effects It Can Have On Children

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The Problem with single parent households and the effects it can have on children Many people growing up considered having two parents a mother and a father to be the “norm”. It would have been considered a broken home an illegitimate child in the past. However in more recent times the norm is now having just one parent at home because now people simply wish to be alone. However, living in a single-parent household can be one of life 's biggest challenges not only for the Adult but also the child or children involved. Seemingly overnight, people find themselves having to take responsibility for raising their child or children on their own. Although it goes without saying many people can care for their children on their own just as well as if they were with their partner but, many do have difficulties. So the question I ask is how does this environment affect the kids? Are the children able to develop cognitively, emotionally and socially as well as a child with two parents living at home? Firstly one must consider the different circumstances in which a child can end up with only one parent. Most single parent families result from divorce. Although, there are instances when one parent dies or maybe the child is adopted by a single male or female. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, In the year 1995 Children born to a mother who had never been married accounted for 36 percent of all children in a single parent household And more than one-fourth of all the…

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