The Problem With Our Countries Education System Essay

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Good afternoon Congressmen I am here today to discuss the problem with our countries education system.
Good afternoon, don’t waste my time.
In 2003, Michael and Olga Block established the first Basis Charter School in Tucson, Arizona in order to help improve the education standards of the state. Over time Basis Schools Inc. has spread all over Arizona and to other states like Texas, California, and Washington D.C. and became one of the top know school districts in the country. With this expansion of Basis, standardized tests scores in these states have risen.
Well, it looks like your problem is solved, just create a Basis everywhere. Is that all?
No, I’m afraid not sir. However impressive in their efforts to help with national education, many states and districts are still struggling to keep the curriculum levels up to standards. My proposal to you is, since the Basis Charter Schools franchise can’t expand to every corner of the nation in order to better this countries education, other states or districts should use Basis as a guide to implementing a school district in hopes to incite the same change as Basis in order to help better their own states education, which in turn betters the nation’s education.
That’s a good proposition, but have you put any thought into how to implement that?
Yes, I have, but that’s where your help is required Congressmen. I have all the economical, practical and social consequences thought out, but now I need your help in figuring out how to…

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