The Problem With Motivation : It Doesn 't Stay Essay

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Chapter 1 - One BIG Problem with Motivation – It Doesn’t STAY

"People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily, Motivation Is Just Like Taking A Bath"-- Zig Ziglar

That horrible & bad noise of Alarm at 5 am in the morning (which I selected myself to push me out of bed) ringed for the second time. And this time, I get up from my bed totally unwilling and feeling tired. Just slide my fingers towards right on my new samsung smart phone & put my alarm to death.

I than stood there for a moment, then again slipped back to my Bed. Telling my mind – Oh! I will not sleep again. Just 5 more minute of rest with open eyes. Guess what … I heard our new born daughter crying. I opened my eyes lying in bed itself, turned my head to see my wife picking our daughter PRAGYA (another name for Goddess of Sariswati – a Goddess of knowledge and wisdom in India) & feeding the milk to new born. I felt mixed feeling of happiness to see our daughter growing and irritated as well as I come out of Nice dream (will talk about dream some other day).

Lying on bed itself, I turned my head and looked at a Wall. I immediately jumped out of bed as if got bitten by Scorpio. Shit …. I told to myself. The wall clock staring back at me and reading time as 08:00 am. I rubbed my eyes and verified time with my mobile thinking wall clock might have gone wrong – Oh …. It’s same. Seems Wall Clock making fun of me & telling me – “Arun, you failed again to…

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