The Problem With International Business Ethics Essay

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The problem with international business ethics lies in the fact that most cultures and nations hold entirely different standards of both law and ethics. Here in America, business ethics can be employed because, in general, the disagreement between what actions are ethical and what actions are unethical in a single culture will be lesser than the disagreement between two entirely different cultures with different values and cultural practices. As a result, one business might believe it is acting perfectly in accordance with international business ethics, while another would view that first business as acting in a completely unethical fashion. Many businesses adopt the policies of cultural relativism, in which they attempt to take on the business ethics exhibited by the nation in which the business is working a particular deal, as opposed to attempting to carry any of their own business ethics across cultural boundaries. However, this practice is not without its own flaws. If I were a business man who traveled the world and do business with other countries. There are some ethical issues that occur more than others. It really depends with who you’re doing business with. One example is corruption, it’s affected many business and is still relevant to do this day. A current example is FIFA. All those wealthy business men who represent their country in FIFA would do anything to host the World Cup, to the extent of doing something illegal like bribery. Not all FIFA officials are…

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