The Problem With Illegal Immigrants Essay

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Welcome or Get Rid of: The Problem with Illegal Immigrants To become a citizen, an immigrant must be a legal resident and have a “Green card” for at least five years before filing for naturalization. If there are no “exceptions” such as having a parent who is a citizen, an immigrant must get a labor certification. Naturalization is “voluntarily becoming a U.S. citizen” (“How to Become a U.S. Citizen” 1). Additionally, an immigrant must have residency in a single state for three months and have a clean disciplinary record. They must be able to write, read, and speak English and know background U.S. government history. According to Paul McDaniel, the application for naturalization for an adult costs $680 and can prohibit many legal permanent residents from becoming citizens (1). Immigration is an important topic in today’s culture. There are two prominent sides to the war on illegal immigration. Some people want to be rid of the illegal immigrants. People claim they feed off of the government and bring down the economy. Other people want to welcome immigrants into the United States to uphold the idea of immigration being the foundation of America. They believe that it would be seen as immoral to eliminate immigrants. Although many people believe in cutting off illegal immigration to America, welcoming people into America by providing an easier path to citizenship would prove a more fitting answer considering America’s history on the matter. America is a nation of…

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