Essay about The Problem With Evil : Evil Or Evil?

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Everyday on the News, citizens hear about unfortunate events happening all over the globe. From innocent civilians being bombed in Syria, to the drug cartel crimes happening right here in the United States. Most people would label these terrible tragedies as evil. The problem with evil or why evil exists, is one of the most looked for philosophical questions in our lifetime.
When people hear about natural disasters like famine, hurricanes, and other natural disasters, humanity looks to something higher than human understanding can fully comprehend and then blame the misfortunes of the world on it. People have been coming up with stories for generations. Whether it’s Poseidon causing floods or Thor controlling thunder in the sky, humanity has always used lore to explain the unknown. In Christianity, some followers believe natural deserters can be interpreted as a punishment from God, or that God lets evil happen because he wants his people to go through trials and tribulations. As Gleeson states, “so consider someone whose faith in God has been brought into doubt of evil, who asks the question: Must my love of God be repudiated in the name of the suffering children? once they ask this question, further questions become relevant, such as: Is talk of love in this context inescapably sentimental?”(93). The same goes for evil within ones morality. Many people use satan as an excuse for poor judgement or horrendous crimes committed upon the innocent. Examples of this would be…

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