The Problem With Diets And Why They Don 't Work Essay

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The problem with diets, and why they don’t work in the long run, is that that focus on what you can’t eat. For instance, with the Paleo diet, you can’t eat delicious cheese, vegetarians must say no to chicken wings, and vegans, no eggs or animal products at all.
Most people would be successful in losing weight and keeping it off if, instead of a super-restrictive diet, they could have a bit of leeway in what they ate. This is why the flexitarian diet has become so popular.
Often described as vegetarians with benefits, flexitarians are those whose diet consists mostly of fruits, vegetables and legumes, with the occasional meat, fish or poultry. While “true” vegans and vegetarians consider flexitarians heretics and their lifestyle “cheating,” the diet may just be one of the best ways to improve overall health while reducing environmental impact.
What’s It All About?
By now you’ve probably noticed the word “flex,” which stands for flexible. Instead of committing to a plant-based diet full-time, flexitarians primarily focus on eating whole foods like fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy. As for the amount of meat consumed, it will vary with each individual. Some may spend most of the week meat-free but enjoy a Sunday ham with family. Others may eat a small portion of meat several days a week.
As you can see, the flexitarian doesn’t cut meat out of the diet, but dos treat it more as a side dish than the main. This may seem odd to many people who grew up in an age of “meat &…

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