The Problem With America 's Obesity Problem Essay

1185 Words Mar 9th, 2016 5 Pages
We live in the fattest country in the world. America has become the world’s most obese country, thirty three percent of our population is overweight. The next closest country -China- is only around five percent (Fisher). We are seen as a world power, but also something to laugh at. There have been many suggestions to try and fix this dilemma. Some of the possible options have been: limiting what the fast food industry can serve, telling parents to cook more, and teaching kids how bad food affects your body. The best solution to America’s obesity problem is requiring high school students to have a nutrition class to graduate.
The problem with America being the most overweight country is that other nations will see that and will not give us the respect we deserve. They develop a stereotype that all Americans are fat, which is also calling us lazy. But in reality, Americans are some of the most driven people in the world who want to succeed at everything they do. The other problem with being the fattest country is the health risks that come into play. With an increase in obese people, the amount of illnesses related with weight problems will also go up. This will make us pay extra money in medicare taxes to help people with diseases such as diabetes. Most people do not realize that we spent “176 billion [dollars] for direct medical costs” just for diabetes alone, if less people had it, then we could cut down on medicare taxes (Statistics About). Of course, some people are born…

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