The Problem Theory Of Consciousness Essay

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Our definitional model of consciousness states that consciousness cannot be explicitly measured, however is biologically rooted and dependent on the brain. Although consciousness is cognitive and internal, it is developed through social interactions with others as well as social reflections on those interactions. In this way consciousness is a social construction that is rooted in, and dependent on, cultural grounding and context (Lutz 1992, Sandstrom 2010). This ‘awareness of awareness’ is driven by how one internally and externally understands themselves based on how well adjusted they are to the socially and culturally agreed upon understandings of consciousness structures at that given time and place, in this way, consciousness experience is both an internal and external. Additionally, as individuals cognitively develop, the potential for development of consciousness grows in tandem, however their relationship is not necessarily always intertwined (Wilbur 1996, Mangan 2007, Combs 2009). By consciousness development we are referring to the achievement of ‘higher’ levels of consciousness through various practices as discussed by many authors but namely, Ken Wilbur and Allan Combs.
Does this definition have room for the idea of “development?” If not what is being developed in the model you are proposing? There are two potential ways in which an individual’s experiencing consciousness can and do develop. To begin, it is necessary for development of the brain…

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