The Problem Solving Policing Within The Field Officer Who Can Be Used With Pulling Levers Type Of Policing

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public and police who have to live and work in these areas of low social control. Braga and Weisburd (2012) showed success to be associated with this strategy which studied cities such as Stockton, Ca, Chicago, Newark,NJ, LA, Nashville, Cincinnati, Boston, and others. Third Party policing is another innovation that has become popular in places like Oakland, Ca, Minneapolis, MN (Buerger 1998) and Boston(Kennedy 1997). Problem solving policing can be used with pulling levers type of policing. Pulling Levers was first introduced in Boston to combat gang violence, the strategy included deploying extra officers, introducing a moral voice, and giving services to the community which was to attempt to deter youth from violence and drugs. This strategy could be used with community policing by implementing it with moral voice and services to the community which pulling lever policing also uses well. Another step is learning from the field officer who and what is causing the criminal behavior, this would be helpful if they had community police officers who had close ties and trust with the community. Members of the community would be more willing to give up information on its citizens if they had a close-knit relationship with the police. When people grow up from a young age not trusting or knowing the police there is also a good chance they will resent and dislike the police. If law enforcement does not find a way to change this for the kids growing up they are going to have to…

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