The Problem Of Youth Unemployment Essay example

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"You cannot get a job even though you graduated from Ivy League." It is a famous phrase that every Korean student knows and every teacher says. It reveals the exact situation of youth unemployment in Korea. Problems about jobless youths whose age are between fifteen to twenty-nine are global issues these days. And it is serious in Korea. Korea 's youth unemployment soared to its highest level on record, 12.5 percent, in February, 2016, and it keeps increasing since 2012 (Sun-young, 2016). Then why is this problem becoming severe? One of the reasons is that all people prefer to join big companies. This phenomenon appeared not only by a person 's emotion, but also by a system of companies. As there is a huge gap on wage and welfare between big companies and small-sized businesses, workers became crowded to occupations of higher level. Another reason is upward leveling of recruiting criteria. As employment becomes stricter and stricter, young labors are neglected even though they are high-skilled. Teenagers and twenties are in suffer to overcome risen hurdles. Letting young power waste their ability on handing out flyers to passers-by is great loss of national sources. In this respect, giving youths opportunities to work and get paid is exigent. And upward leveling of wage and promoting to start enterprise can be effective solutions. By solving youth unemployment, Korean economy will become stable and thus can aim national development. Youth unemployment itself is already a…

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