The Problem Of Women Discrimination Essay

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This annotated bibliography will provide the 10 sources collected to support my argument which proposes the problem of women discrimination issues in the workplace such as hiring, wage, promotion, pregnancy, and provide the information about the industry’s unfair against women and the training will reduce the discrimination and remove their prejudice against women in the workplace.
Alvarez, Fred W., and Allison Moser. "Targeting Employers for Gender-Based Pay and
Promotion Discrimination: The Next Big Thing?" Employee relations law journal 36.3 (2010): 46-53. ProQuest. Web. 29 May 2016.
Alvarez, Fred W, and Moser explore the preventing and defending claims of gender-based pay and promotion discrimination is fast emerging as the latest challenge for employers seeking to reduce litigation risks. These claims could be clear from recent jury verdicts, pending legislation in Congress, and headline-grabbing court decisions. These court decisions and legislative initiatives raise the specter of a flood of class claims against employers for pay and promotion discrimination. I will use this source for my condition of rebuttal. It shows 500,000 (and potentially 1.5 million) female Wal-Mart employees alleging gender bias in pay and promotions in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This evidences help me to improve my argument for women discrimination in the workplace.
Alan Neuhauser “Women Heavily Discriminated Against in Math Hiring” US News
26 March 26 2014.…

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