The Problem Of Water Conservation Essay

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The major resourse in the world “Water” for most people life which created all living things that exist; has come to a point of scarcity. Imagine living in world where the most needed resource “water” was unavailable. For some, around the world people have been experiencing it. Countries have been suffering of bad and poor quality water. But it did not happen until the last years that people began experiencing it. This has made some to call for the need of better restrictions to maintain water by having governments to have better water conservation policies. Critics of this say, that water conservation is everyone 's responsibility and that it should be up to the person to lower the use of consumption. Water has been affected by the individual, therefore the most of people will argue that the causes of this are misuse of water, environmental chaos, and overpopulation which will lead to the destruction. One of the biggest environmental problems being experienced by the new generation is misuse, that is given to water. The waste of people due by irrigation, aquatic parks, car washers and bad use of domestic water will have a negative effect. “Wasting water is a luxury we can no longer afford.” (Alok Jah). This is true for some places like California where in the last years californians started to import water to grow their crops but raised the price of water for farmers. By rising the price there will be less demand. The period of drought will come, there will be…

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