Essay on The Problem Of The United States

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You are no doubt aware of the UK 's current 'problem ' with the rise in immigration. With thanks to the sudden popping-up of the UKIP Jack-in-the-box with the Everyman Nigel Farage turning the crank, this 'problem ' has been bolstered as the main talking-point of the next general election, aside from Ed Miliband 's speaking and eating habits that is. Even the comparatively left-wing Labour Party, with numerous generations of immigrants and immigrants ' children among their ranks, have been pressured into promising further controls on immigration as one of their five key election pledges in order to avoid alienating the hysteric populace. Dog-whistle politics such as this can only be attributed to Labour being one of many political groups in our nation submitting to the current moral panic, the consensus being that immigrants, Eastern European ones specifically, are a viable threat to our existing social order.

Immigration is being painted as a recent phenomenon by the moral entrepreneurs who want to curb it excessively. Sixty-eight per cent of UKIP supporters fall for the golden generation fallacy wishing they could live in the Britain of twenty to thirty years ago, but reactionary groups similar to UKIP have often amassed support in our political history with a volatile presence that tends to disappear as quickly as it erupts. Take for instance the mostly forgotten British Brothers ' League who campaigned at the turn of the 19th Century against the influx in Eastern…

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