The Problem Of The Nursing Shortage Essay

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The nursing shortage has been present for many years, however, the shortage has grown in the past years and has become widely known. The nursing shortage may have affected patient care and hospital staff efficiency. There are quite a few causes for the shortage, including the large effects of the baby boomer population, difficulty of the practice, and the gender dominance in the nursing workplace. The shortage was a predictable oncoming event that was expected to happen and was no surprise, however addressing the problem has become difficult.
A major factor for the nursing shortage was the viciously large baby boomer generation and its flooding into the health care workforce. The largest generation in American history was the baby boomer generation; consisting of more than 76.4 million, according to the most recent figures from the United States Census Bureau. According to the Loyola university of New Orleans the baby boomers make up a third of the United States population, more significantly they consume an even larger role in the American healthcare system. This generation has overran the medical field for almost 45 years, however, more than 10,000 of them turned 65 every day since 2011 resulting in a loss of staff in the major work field they participate in. The age of the baby boomer generation has coincidentally caused a problem with a shortage of nurses and a growing number of patients. A statistic shows that more than 60% of their population will suffer from…

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