Essay about The Problem Of The National Minimum Drinking Age Act

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It’s Time to Let Teenager Drink Again
1. State the problem, thesis, or central issue as the writer presents it. If there are several parts to the problem write more than 1 sentence.
- It’s time to let teenagers drink again.
2. What does the author say we can do to solve the problem? Is the solution so complex that several things must be considered?
a. Can we solve this problem now or must we wait?
b. What prevents us from solving the problem?
The national minimum drinking age act must be repealed; that means we should lower the drinking age from 21 to a younger age. This solution is really complex that several things must be considered since this is a controversial issue.
a. We cannot solve this problem hastily and recklessly.
b. I think there is nothing to prevent us from solving the problem. Since there are many pro and con opinions, so we should examine carefully the arguments from both sides, look for evidence, facts from statistics and studies, and make our decision through votes
3. List 3 reasons (as evidence) to support the writers opinion that the problem is important.
- The national minimum drinking age act is a gross violation of civil liberty.
- The age-21 rule pushes kids toward pills and other antisocial behaviors.
- The 1984 law deprives young people of safe spaces where they could happily drink cheap beer, socialize, chat and flirt in a free but controlled public environment.
4. State 2 or 3 assumptions the writer makes based on his/her background experience

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