The Problem Of The National Football League Essay

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In the 2002 a doctor by the name of Bennet Omalu was able to prove that repeated impacts to football players cause permenant brain damage known as CTE. Prior to this, there was speculation by several doctors that the long term effects of repeated mild concussions cause by the game was unknown. The National Football League took a long time to begin taking serious action for player safety. Compared the football played decades ago, players are much safer now. Still though the National Football League is not doing enough to ensure the safety of it’s players.
One area in whcih the NFL is working to protect its players is safety equipment. In the 1800’s football players wore a wool stocking cap for a helmet. Their teams were indicated by a colored handkerchief. By the 1920’s football began to experience major changes. Helmets at this time were made of a leather shell. A fiber shell was added in 1934 to begin providing some protection for head impacts. Hard plastic helmets with padding inside was introduced ten years later in 1943. The NFL continues to replace and improve helmets and other protective equipment to help its players stay safe while playing. Additionally, the NFL continues to improve its rules and regulations to keep players safe as well.
In 1977 league officials banned a move called a “head slap.” This move involved players slapping each others’ helmets to cause disorientation. Other moves have been banned or added to the rule books for similar reasons. A face mask,…

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