Essay about The Problem Of The Messiah

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Jade Lambert
28 November 2014
R. Stephens
Religion 1020
The Problem of the Messiah
Throughout history the argument among religions have always been present. As religion is one thing that most people have in common, but it is also one on the most definitive factors in what sets people apart. People have found comfort in religion since the beginning of time, so it is only logical to think that as long as people are practicing religion people are also arguing its validity in the same right. The Old Testament bible referred to by christians is actually the jewish Torah. The original religion was judaism. Only with Jesus Christ (King of the Jews) was there a branch off from the jewish religion to what are now called Christians. The argument between Judaism is a dispute as old as time. Being that the two religions are so similar and have half of the same religious texts, it can be hard to see where the two took a turn. One of the oldest arguments on the topic of religion is the concept of a messiah in Christianity and Judaism.
Jewish and old testament Christian traditions are the same. The Old Testament in the Christian bible and the Jewish Torah are the same scriptures. They have the same books and teach the same lessons and involve the same characters and stories.The 39 (Depends on which denomination is in practice) instruct followers how to conduct their lives in a way that is pleasing to God. These books also teach followers how to make up for their wrongdoings by means of…

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