The Problem Of The Medical Genre Of Television Essay

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“I want to be surgeon”, “I know how to preform CPR, I watched it on Grey’s Anatomy”, “that obviously has to be tuberculosis, I’ve seen it on TV”. Television has opened up a whole new door to get information across to the viewers. It allowed viewers to learn what’s going on in the world, learn about new exciting inventions, and finally, to be entertained. The medical genre of television is relatively newer, and has captivated audiences around the nation the last 50 years. Unfortunately, the medical genre has slowly evolved from being informative television, to something you laugh at, and finally to high budgeted soap operas that are corrupting teen minds everywhere on what true medicine is. To see this change you have to start at the beginning: the informative side. To start, we will review the show, “Emergency!”, one of the first medical shows to come on television. Airing in 1972, this show was one of a kind in its day, informing viewers on the developing field of emergency medical services, or what we now know as paramedics (EMS). This field of medicine did not become prevalent in the United States until 1966 and many citizens were unsure of the field and what it entitled. “Emergency!” introduced what goes on behind the scenes in ambulances and what the physicians, paramedics, and emergency staff have to go through to save a patient. The lead actors, Kevin Tighe and Randolph Mantooth took actual paramedic and safety lessons to make their acting look real as possible,…

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