The Problem Of The Internet Essays

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The internet is just only about 5,000 days old, and by that time it has delivered to people a ton of amazing things that nobody could have predicted in the past such as the real estate list, all kinds of government form, a huge amount of photos and video, satellite of the whole earth, or even a piece of information from the phone number, etc. Kevin has points out that most of people learn how to accepted the change from the internet which is amazing thing changing the world and how easily to accept the impossible once it becomes reality. So he predict that in the next 5,000 days, the internet will be destined to evolve into one giant super computer that can be store, share for all the world’s information. Then we will use the computers, phones or electric devices to access and interact with this super global mind computer.
Kevin said that the internet has three state sine it beginning: the first stage in the internet was a simply the linking of the computer which is spread out, highly unorganized, share, assemble, and difficult to aggregate. The second state which is give the opportunity for people look and share more information on google other way is that google created for people to find, sort, share, and understand of the information. Final state, the internet where we link to individual information or data for that people do not need to look for an entire page or website which is a lot of people share videos or pictures or even created a video tutoring for people to…

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