The Problem Of The Homeless Essays

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Homeless “Hotspots”, a marketing company’s idea to make Wi-Fi more convenient while making users aware of the circumstances of homelessness. This plan is very debatable, and pertains a lot to the moral values of an individual. The homeless individual volunteers to become a hotspot; they are not forced. Personally, I believe the homeless hotspot idea is beneficial. The homeless make up a very small percentage of a community’s population, and because of certain circumstances, jobs can be difficult to find. Some people who suffer financially need a boost; the $20 a day does give people a slight boost. Although $20 a day isn’t enough to live off of, it does give homeless workers a feeling of importance and worth.
Homeless hotspots does not interfere with what I believe is morally wrong. These homeless hotspots are volunteers, not slaves. They have chosen to be hotspots to make some cash, because that is better than making no cash at all. On top of the $20 dollars a day, the employed individuals can keep any donations from people using their services.
The society we live is revolves around the boom and bust cycle of economics; at one moment we can be prospering financially as a nation, and the next we can be suffering the effects of a recession. Jobs are not always stable in this system and can create vulnerability, as they are easily lost. For many North Americans, homelessness isn’t always a result of their own actions.
Poverty, high living expenses, and job loss play’s a major…

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