The Problem Of The Homeless Population Essay

2018 Words Dec 6th, 2016 9 Pages
The homeless population is typically viewed as a curse to society. They are unfortunate humans who have no purpose but to beg from other members of society, whether it’s for change or to wash your windows at a gas station. There are those who are kind enough to donate, however, some take advantage that the homeless have nothing left to lose. Pharmaceutical companies especially, as they create drugs for a medical purpose, need to test for any extreme side effects and the validity in terms of healing sicknesses. There are clinical trials that volunteers sign up for knowing there is an incentive involved in a form of money. These volunteers give written consent, get interviewed to determine eligibility, and then experimented on. On the other hand, when a pharmaceutical company recruits from the homeless population there is no description of the experiment, rather they are tricked into giving written consent and receive a smaller valued incentive such as food. There have been continuous conversations about the ethics of using humans as subjects of experiments, but to use homeless people as guinea pigs is impermissible. In this paper, I will contend that pharmaceutical drug testing on homeless people is not morally permissible, I will do so by applying Deontology and Consequentialism; this will show that the circumstances of human subject testing violates many fundamental elements of both Kantianism and Utilitarianism ending with full support of Kantianism being the stronger…

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