The Problem Of The Homeless Community Essay

1919 Words Apr 16th, 2015 null Page
In a world where there are a number of tragedies and issues that are likely to take precedence, there is an issue that is right in front of a lot of our faces but a lot of us tend to ignore or shove to the side. You see it whenever you go to a supermarket, people sitting with cardboard signs that say they will work for food or shelter. Some people do help them but a lot just look right through them and take their route home. With overflowing shelters, deaths in the streets and a general ignorance towards the homeless community, maybe there needs to be some knowledge acquired before steps can be taken to combat it entirely. There is a lot more that we can do for the homeless community than sit on our thumbs and provide them with a five dollar bill at most or work in a homeless shelter around the holidays to feel charitable. The main concern is their shelters. There do not seem to be enough as a lot of them have crowding issues. Too many homeless people but not near enough beds for them to take refuge. There are a lot of abandoned buildings and while a lot of them look unsightly, it would be worth it to transform them into homeless shelters. While they are not ideal, it would be putting these buildings to good use instead of allowing them to sit there and wait to be vandalized. The issue with this of course would be who would spend their time fixing a place up when they get nothing for it? Right up whoops cheater Of course there would be those who are on the yearlong hunt…

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