The Problem Of The Cold Nuclear Fusion Essay

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Until cold nuclear fusion becomes a practical reality we are stuck with fossil fuel energy.
Prior to the Industrial Revolution ‘energy’ meant muscle power and heat derived from burning wood, charcoal, or the odd lump of coal found lying on the ground.
“The Industrial Revolution changed everything ... The awesome power of fossil fuels released a new flood of energy as steam and electricity drove machines that vastly augmented human and animal labor. New factories churned out previously unimaginable quantities of goods and liberated people from much of the manual drudgery that characterized the agricultural age.” (Ian Morris, Stratfor Global Intelligence).
Now, 250 years later it is easy to forget our debt to fossil fuels and increasingly difficult to find common sense through the fog of the climate change hysteria surrounding us.
The release of ancient solar energy stored in oil, coal and natural gas, which energizes our modern lifestyle, is at the heart of the climate change debate.
Combustion of these fossil fuels marginally raises the CO2 content of the earth’s atmosphere which some extremists fear could lead to the extinction of life on earth.
However, these plentiful and relatively cheap fuels are what made the developed world rich. And it is access to these affordable reliable fuels that will allow developing counties to climb their way out of poverty.
Nobody wants to go back to the energy paucity of that earlier age and those who have not entirely emerged…

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