The Problem Of The Client Essay

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The client is a thirty-six year old, Caucasian female. She came to the shelter with her seven children, although she has ten children in total. Two of the children are males aged fifteen and seventeen years of age. They are currently staying with their family, which is the client’s abuser. The other seven children ranged in age from ten months to six years old. These seven children have a different father than the abuser. Presently, only four out of the seven children are in the shelter. The two oldest children of the seven have gone to live with their grandparents, the client’s mother and father. The client came to the shelter seeking safety for herself and her children. She had been in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship with her husband for several years. The last incident of abuse, which including slapping, pushing down stairs, hair pulling, and verbal abuse, caused the client to seek shelter at the Crisis Center for South Suburbia.
2. The presenting problem, including background information on the problem and how the client feels about the problem.
The presenting problem is that the client has not been successful in finding housing. This is a problem because she has already been granted an extension on her stay at the shelter. Typically, clients are allowed sixty days in the emergency residential shelter at the Crisis Center for South Suburbia. The client was granted an extension because she has had good behavior and is actively searching…

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