The Problem Of The Baby Boomers Essay

1269 Words Nov 9th, 2015 6 Pages
Someone once said, “The rich get richer; there’s no denying that. They get a lot richer. And the poor get – well, what do they get? Too often, they get ignored. Or we don’t even know who they are.” In today’s economy there has been an issue about the unfair distribution of wealth, which is causing a major gap between the rich and poor. Slowly, the Middle and lower classes are disappearing from the economy while, a small part of people are getting richer. The truth is, the gaps between classes are undeniably felt today. Many might say that the downfall of the economy is caused by the generation labeled the Baby Boomers. The Baby boomers claim that they made great success in their lives, but what they forgot to mention was the effect of their success towards the generation following them. The Baby Boomers failed to anticipate that there would be a financial struggle in all classes except the rich. But we cannot put all the blame towards the Baby boomers. The new generation “The Gen Y or Millenials” are not doing anything to help fix the wealth gap. The hard fact is, both generations are not doing their part. And while these two generations are pointing fingers at each other, the rich is using that time to get even richer and get even farther with their wealth. The two generations are clashing towards each other when they should be helping each other out to solve the problem of income inequality. The baby boomers need to do their part and use their power in government to pass…

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