The Problem Of The Baby Boomer Generation Essay examples

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The biggest explanation for this increased retirement age is due to the fact that the Baby Boomer generation is living longer . Medical advancements during the past several decades have been the main contributing factor in extending the average American’s life expectancy. “Thanks to major advances in medicine, fewer people die at an early age from heart disease and cancer. For example, the five-year cancer survival rate improved from 50 percent in the mid ‘70s (1975-1977) to 66 percent at the turn of the 21st century (1996-2002)” quoted by the American Hospital Association (Coye, DeMello, Joseph, & Ellington, 2007). Major chronic diseases have become less life threatening. Doctors, surgeons, and medical pathologists have found therapies and medications that allow individuals to live with their disease, even disease that historically lead to passing. They have discovered treatments that allow patients to live with their disease, while the medical researchers work to find a cure.
Along with medical improvements, Americans have also begun to live healthier lifestyles, learning from the mistakes of their parents. Exercise has become more important to the Baby Boomer generation, as more and more elderly fitness programs are advertised and attended. Nutrition and healthy eating have also become more important throughout the past decade, as people have become more concerned with organic eating, as restaurants have begun providing nutrition facts and calorie…

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