Essay on The Problem Of Texting And Driving

1254 Words Oct 18th, 2016 6 Pages
The Difference a Text Can Make Everybody nowadays has some type of cellular device that allows us to text or video message one another. While this is a great advancement in human technology, it also has it’s downsides. Texting is one of the most dangerous things you can do while driving. You are literally driving a two ton potential weapon, and texting only distracts you of that. There are videos out there that show examples of what could happen to you if you text and drive, but also what happens if you decide to wait and respond later; they both show a different view of the situation, and also target a different audience. Texting and driving has been an issue ever since texting became a thing, and will probably be an issue until we out grow texting somehow somewhere in the future with more advanced technology - if that even happens. A lot of high schools and some colleges show a very graphic video of what can potentially happen if you decide to text and drive. While on the other hand, you can sometimes see an ad on TV where the multiple drivers notice that they have a notification, but the passenger puts their hand out on top of the phone so that the driver will awkwardly start holding hands with the passenger. The graphic video shows several teenagers, about the age of high schools or college students, out on a drive. They all seem to be having a fun time, until you notice the driver completely unfocused on the road and focusing only on her phone. The scene is very…

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