Essay on The Problem Of Teen Homelessness

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Teen Homelessness There are ongoing issues throughout the world and it is happening all the time. This is teen homelessness. Whether this issue has to do with the health status of the teens who do not have housing available to them, if the welfare system prevents the teens from becoming homeless, are the teens choosing to be homeless, and are the teens being rejected from their home because of their sexuality. We as a hole don’t know what exactly is causing this epidemic but we are looking to find some answers and not necessarily problem solvers to solve this situation, teen homelessness. Those are just a few unanswered questions that are going to be answered in the following paper and throughout the writing.
Major Physical Changes
Different physical changes occur during the teen years of a young person. The changes include puberty, a growth spurt, and the development of a primary and secondary sex characteristics. To explain this in further detail let’s begin with the physical change a teen goes through called puberty. This stage is usually indicated by the sudden enlargement of the reproductive organs and the sexual genitalia and the teens begin developing secondary sex characteristics. These features distinguish the genders, but do not directly involve the reproductive system. Most girls tend to begin puberty at the ages of about twelve to thirteen years of age. When in comparison boys begin the stage of puberty a little bit later then girls at the ages of thirteen and…

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