Essay on The Problem Of Stem Cell Research

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The biggest job of Scientists that study procedures in medical fields and stem cells has always been to find cure for the incurable and to prolong the lives that would be cut short because of these diseases. There have been many different experiments that scientists have performed that seem promising but ended up failing in some way, but right now in this century the biggest medical advancement opportunity is in stem cells. With the help of all the scientists studying stem cells, Embryonic Stem Cells (eSC) can be a great way for the world to further our medical field and to save many more lives than lose them. Stem cell research has come a long way since back in the day. The most influential discovery was not discovered to long ago. This was in the year 1962, a scientist, John B Gurdon, became the ‘Grandfather of Cloning’. He had successfully cloned a frog by taking skin cells from an adult frog and then put those cells into an egg that was stripped from its nucleus (T.A.). This experiment made a huge breakthrough for research in tissue immortality(T.A.). Also due to this breakthrough, John Gurdon along with Shinya Yamanaka were awarded with the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine(Bednar). This could mean the cure to many disorders such as blindness and Parkinson’s disease. This research could mean a lot to many people. Instead of a grandma losing her eye sight to glaucoma or a grandpa who dies from Parkinson’s disease, the grandparents would be able to stay healthy…

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