The Problem Of Stem Cell Research Essay

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If given the choice to eliminate disease from a chronically ill patient by the means of stem cell research should the patient and their family go through with it? Research of stem cells has evolved to a level that can now take way the diseases that are hereditary to many patients across the world that are untreatable even with the most advance surgeries or medication. It is an option that most patients as well as the donor families of the embryo cell will either consider with acceptance or denial depending on their view of the issue. Embryonic stem cell treatment it could eliminate diseases that can be life altering or threatening such as Type 1 diabetes and Parkinson 's disease, stroke, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, heart failure and spinal cord lesions. Embryonic stem cell therapy could ultimately have the potential to change the stem cell receiver’s life. Most of these patients have lived a life stricken with a debilitating disease or are paralyzed, stem cell could provide in a sense a new life for them freeing them from the everyday suffering a chance to enjoy life without any constraints. My stance on embryonic stem cell research is that I support it since there are many pros to this situation rather than cons, I know people personally who have physical ailments that with stem cells their conditions can be eradicated. To begin with there are three main positives to the research embryonic stem cell research. One of the points being that stem cells can be used for…

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