The Negative Impact Of Standardized Testing On Children

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When people hear the word Standardized test they typically think of a very long test that is probably not worth taking. In this generation, testing has become a more common to test a child’s academic levels. When teachers are told to prepare kids for these standardized tests they teach to the test, not to other knowledge children might need to know. Testing in general is used to show what knowledge a person has learned throughout a period of time. In most cases testing is pushed upon children. That’s the problem with these tests, they measure how well the teachers teach and not by the child’s actual knowledge. Teaching in general may be very hard to come by, because students learn total different ways. This causes teachers to just teach how they want to teach and not to help students. For example, “A 2007 survey of 1,250 civics, government, and social studies teachers showed that 75% of those teaching current events less often cited standardized tests as the reason” (Ravitch 2010).This may be one of the reasons why standardized testing is horrible, but this testing has showed that many students are just not good at testing and it scares them, testing is not taught to the curriculum it is by the standardized test, and this testing has used up a lot of money.
Testing is the most feared thing among children. In
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There may be a lot of pros and cons that go along with standardized testing. An example of a pro according to Columbia University, “Standardized testing allows students located in various schools, districts, and even states to be compared. Without standardized testing this comparison would not be possible”. When these students are compared there is no way of telling if those students took it full potential when taking the test. The important thing to test taking is giving it all you have. So, the question is do you think that standardized testing is

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