Essay on The Problem Of Single Gender Classrooms

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Education in America has always been in the hot seat and rightly so. Education to the young students in the United States are bringing up the next generation of government leaders or businessmen that will run the country. Recently debated is how specifically we should go about improving education in America. An idea that has been brought up is moving primary education into single gender settings rather than the traditional coeducational setting. While this plan has many proponents of it, it has just as many people against it. Single gender classrooms have three main problems with them. First, they worsen sexism; second, they do not improve the quality of education; and thirdly there are better alternatives to improve education in America.
The first and most prominent reason as to why single gender classrooms are bad is the fact that they perpetuate sexism at large. Rebecca Bigler, Professor of Psychology and Gender Studies at the University of Texas writes, “Gender segregation reinforces sexist attitudes and the view that males and females have categorically different types of intellects. By separating the genders into different classrooms, educators lead children to view males and females as ... different, and reinforce sexism in the culture at large.” She continues, “research suggests that coeducation offers boys and girls the chance to learn positive skills from each other.” Essentially what Professor Bigler is explaining is that when we segregate young men and women we…

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