The Problem Of Sex Trafficking Essay

2177 Words Nov 29th, 2016 9 Pages
Sex trafficking is a worldwide issue that is prevalent in many countries and is defined as “a form of human trafficking that almost always involves the forced prostitution of women, although it does fall upon men as well, often children.” This issue is a form of modern day slavery that unfortunately occurs more than it should. The fact that this is a common worldwide issue means that it is a problem that is affecting everyone. Therefore, it would be of uttermost importance for this issue to be brought into light more so that the public could work together to decrease the number of victims that are forced into this kind of lifestyle.
Because of how common sex trafficking is and because it is such a major issue, it is difficult to find a solution that will completely eradicate this problem. Even so, there are various ways that everyone can help in fixing this issue and improve it progressively. For example, educating the public about sex trafficking and warning them about places or areas in which sex trafficking is commonly prevalent could perhaps decrease the number of victims in certain countries or certain areas. Something that could also decrease the number of victims would be better security and more surveillance in places that are known for having high rates of sex trafficking victims. But overall there could be less victims if everyone contributed to this cause and if more people were educated about the topic and how to spot when someone could be at risk of being…

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