The Problem Of Self Reflection Essay

2492 Words Dec 7th, 2016 10 Pages
As one gets older in life, it 's easy to reflect on life. For many, self-reflection could be a great way to see one did wrong in life, and help them change the path for a better life. The problem of self-reflection is It 's a flawed process. People are biased in their own thinking, and can 't really nail down the error in their ways. The best way is to get a set of eyes that is not your own. A person that can give you critical advice that can help you make the right changes to live a happier life. Throughout the last couple of years, I have observed a person that changed to a person that gave up hope for anyone else. A person going through the cycle of life, but is stuck in his ways and can 't seem to get out. I am following the person of Jason Saechao, a person that seem to have no drive in life, and is stuck with anger.
During high school, Jason has always done just enough to get by. He thought life was easy enough, that he never had to assert himself into anything productive. Acting like a child instead of growing up, and experiencing adulthood like one should. Breezing through high school with passing grades, life seem so easy. His mindset was clouded by false achievements. The type of thinking that is contributed by the people he associate himself. Friends who had no actual goal for themselves. They never thought about their future besides graduating high school. As time past, some friends had gotten off track, and dropped out of school. For Jason, knowing that he…

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