Argumentative Essay: How To Deal With Prostitution

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It is understood by many that “... sex work is the world’s oldest profession,...” (Picard). How to deal with prostitution has long been debated. This difficult debate has resulted in many problems within the conviction of prostitutes and their customers. The unequal conviction between prostitutes and buyers exists because of discrimination. This can be solved by keeping the buying of prostitution illegal, but making the sale legal.
The main problem within prostitution is the unequal conviction between buyers and sellers. This is a problem that exists all over the world. According to Canada’s House of Commons Committee, “...just under 40% of women were given prison sentences,..., and the prison sentence rate for men was just over 5%.” Specifically in Canada, there is a 35% gap in the conviction rates between the sexes.
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The difference is that sex trafficking is forced and prostitution is not. According to the Government Accountability Office, “...there are 80,000 to 100,000 trafficked women and children in Cambodia” (Ahmed). This figure actually represents the amount of prostitutes in Cambodia, and they aren’t necessarily all sex trafficking victims. The U.S. Government just assumes that all prostitutes could not have possibly chosen sex work for themselves, and therefore are all sex trafficking victims. This does not mean that sex trafficking victims should be ignored. This just means that there should be more consideration of what the people want. Child prostitutes, however, are a slightly different situation. Child prostitution refers to minors that make the choice to be prostitutes. They are treated as sex trafficking victims. This is the correct way to look at child prostitution because they are minors and cannot technically make the choices for themselves. This distinction between sex trafficking victims and adult prostitutes needs to happen in order for cooperation between these groups and the

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