The Problem Of Population Is The Main Cause Of Ecological Environment Damage

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The problem of population is the main cause of ecological environment damage. As the population grows up and economic develops, the increasing demand of resources is becoming more and more severe. Because of deforestation, unreasonably overgrazing dykes to reclaim land from a lake, marsh reclamation, excessive usage of land and water resources, which leads to the destruction of biological environment or even disappearance, the normal survival of the species is affected a lot. There is a large number of species which have not yet been detected by human beings. They have quietly becomeextinct, thus leading to destruction of biodiversity.
Within the development of the relationship of population, resource and environment, it is obvious to find out that the population is the key factor. With the growth of the population and the development of economic, the demand of human beings for natural resources is sharply increasing. Human emissions of waste is becoming gradually over the self-purification capacity of the natural environment itself, which has caused the pollution of the environment.Thus showing the population, resource, and environment have formed an interactional, interdependent entirety. In addition, the population, resources and environment also restrict each other. Human development including human society production and population growth and so on needs to consume resources and affect environment, which has to be under bearing capacity of the environment and resources.…

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