Essay on The Problem Of Pop Culture

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Stereotyping the “jocks” from the “nerds,” people tend to believe that intelligent people are more physically frail than others. Being strong or intelligent is not an “either or” phenomenon. Anyone can choose to become smarter and stronger with effort. This myth comes from a common trend seen in society where many famously intelligent people tend to have a smaller physique and some well-known athletes having a lower IQ. However, there are many factors that play into this assumption. Pop culture is to blame for a lot of how people perceive the world around them. From television shows in the past such as Family Matters where a scrawny, intelligent boy is picked on for being a nerd, to movies today such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid, it is evident that not much has changed. Programs like these stereotype the cool, airhead jocks and the smart, dorky “losers.” Recently to counteract this bullying trend, pop culture has now started to show how the underdog makes it big in the end. Without realizing it, pop culture has increased this stereotype by saying that the jocks end up working low-class jobs, while the losers are now becoming the CEO’s of the world. Now, many people assume that athletes are stupid, and the little underdog is always intelligent. However, there are not just these two options, but millions of combinations between one’s physique and their artistic, athletic or intellectual talents. Christine Quail discusses how society has become a “hegemonic identity construction…

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