The Problem Of Organ Transplantation Essay

2297 Words Dec 3rd, 2014 10 Pages
Organ transplantation has been one of the most recognized advancement in medicine in the past century. It has provided a way of giving the gift of life to someone with a terminal failure of vital organs. It requires the participation of fellow human beings and it has brought us closer as a human race. But in the past decade, there has been an increase in failure of vital organs and an inadequate of supply of organs which has created a wide gap between organ supply and demand. It has resulted in a very long waiting list to receive an organ as well as an increasing number of deaths while waiting. The demand for these organs has significantly surpassed the number of donors in the past years. This isn’t an isolated incident it’s happening all over the world. The unavailability of sufficient organs to meet the existing demand has resulted in a major organ shortage. There has been a major increase in the number of patients on the transplant waiting lists as well as in the number of patients dying while on the waiting list. As of November 2014 the number of patients waiting for an organ has risen to 123,944 . This organ shortage has deprived many patients of a new and better quality of life. There are several possible solutions to this crisis. One is the creation of better educational programs that informs the public about the need and benefits of organ donation, setting up a controlled system that allow people to buy and sell organs and the encouragement for international organ…

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