Essay about The Problem Of Opiate Addiction

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If you bought this book that means either you or someone you love is struggling with an opiate addiction. I 'm not someone trying to cash in on someone else 's misfortune, I had a serious opiate addiction for almost 15 years. I started taking vicodin on the weekend, then it progressed to everyday. After a year or so of taking those I got connected to someone who got a regular script of Oxycontin 40mg, that 's when things spiraled out of control. Before I Knew it I was using heroin. I finally overdosed and almost died, that 's when I got into a Suboxone program. What I was told would be a 9 month taper schedule wound up being a three endeavor of monthly appointments and drug tests. A good friend told me as long as I took Suboxone I was still an addict, and she was right. So I did some research on how to ease the withdrawal, some things helped and some things didn’t. That 's why I 'm writing this, to help make your withdrawal as easy as possible.
The first thing you want to do is see a doctor. Just be honest with them and they will help you. Everything you say in that office is between you and your doctor. You need to ask for Clonidine, it 's a blood pressure medication that really takes the edge off. Most addicts that have detoxed in the past swear by it. My doctor actually recommended it before I had the chance to even ask.
You need to start a taper, it 's easier than going cold turkey. Plus it gives you time to get more supplies and I 'd highly recommend taking a week off…

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