The Problem Of Online Identity Essay

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which by definition are illegal (Coleman 2014, p. 6). This was a significant step away from trolling and towards the arena of activism. This proves that online identity is not be tied to one’s activities permanently and the identity itself and their activities may change over the course of time. Context collapse as mentioned earlier, is the tendency online for people to interact and construct identity in front of their entire social network. It (context collapse) has become more pronounced with services like Facebook connect. The service tends to carry a singular identity across a variety of very different sites that enable very different practices and merges them together. The kind of ‘authenticity’ that Mark Zuckerberg supposedly values. But it is safe to presume that this type of authenticity may be an inaccurate reflection of our offline identities (Van Der Nagel 2015). In discussion of offline identities, the term “friendship” and “my friend” has performative qualities and often carried genuine characteristics. Signalling a certain kind of relationship, regardless of the person’s actual feelings. On occasion, it can be used to save face when concerning someone who is not particularly liked. Or it may mean a more significant relationship that exists. For example, empowering the speaker by making one look more important or can be used deceptively, though it is not always the case. Example, Boyd (2006, p. 4) stated : “For example, the speaker may want to make certain that…

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