The Problem Of Online Copyright Essay example

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In the modern society, some said that online copyright can well-protected the property owners in general. However, many of the people or authorities are having a lawsuit for fighting their legal power for their works. Therefore, it proves that online copyright has both achievement and limitation of it. In addition, our artifact can show the difference and relationship of different related elements in various ways.

First of all, copyright can gives patenting a protection. In my own knowledge, intellectual property, patents and copyright have a close relationship between each other. The intellectual which is the group of scholar, who usually do research and develop a new technology, their new technology usually listed to be patent, which is the monopoly in the whole market. For example, different electronic products are mentioned in our artifact and most of them are used as a communication tool. Sir Chaos Kuen Kao (Father of Fiber Optic Communications) who develops the technology of optical fiber, he earns large sum of money because of his patenting. Therefore, the exist copyright law for the protection of these works is intellectual property, works which retain any kind of creativity, intellectual effort and originality come within the scope of the national intellectual property laws and international treaties in this area.

Not only for the high-tech industry, but also included the mass media, such as TV shows or movies. The definition of the copyright refers to the others…

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