The Problem Of Obesity

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When I went to Albania a couple years ago, I noticed that a majority of the people were skinnier, lots of people were walking around and there was no fast food restaurants. Here in America a majority of the people I see are overweight, always driving instead of walking, and fast food restaurants everywhere I look. In America about two- thirds of the adults are obese which is higher than most countries. A lot of money is also put into obesity, so if we fix the problem, we could spend more money on more important things. Some ways to fix obesity are closing fast food restaurants, putting more bike trails and bike rentals around cities and more. Obesity needs to be resolved because people can get diseases.
America is one of the top ten countries
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Since people didn’t notice the problem they didn’t know the harm it could cause. People who are obese are more prone to getting diseases. The diseases they could get are, type two diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, sleep apnea, stroke and some cancers. If we ignore the problem the people are are obese could become sick or in the worst case die. People that are obese could lose five to ten percent of their weight, which could delay or prevent those problems.
Opposing views think that obesity is not a problem. They think obesity is not a problem because it is preventable, they also believe many obese people live long healthy lives and it is a result of sedentary lives. They are wrong because sometimes obesity is not preventable because it could be a genetics thing and you can’t avoid genetics. About two-thirds of the people that are obese are not living long, healthy lives and only one-third of the obese people are living ‘healthy”
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Sleep is a factor of obesity. Many high school students don’t get enough sleep each night because they have to balance seven hours of school, four to six hours of homework each night, some students work for 4 to five hours and extracurricular activities could take up three hours, which would take up 18 to 21 hours of the day and they would need about an hour to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner which leaves them with five to seven hours to sleep. For high school students we would have teachers give out less homework and have them limit how much they are allowed to give out each week and how long the student would have to turn an assignment

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