The Problem Of Nonrenewable Energy Essay

1370 Words May 21st, 2016 null Page
Imagine that you have just become the ruler of a small country, a country so small that it only has a total population of four people, yourself inclusive. In this country your main concern is feeding all of your citizens. Everyone requires 3 meals a day and it is your job to provide them with the resources they need in order to get those meals. The resources for one meal costs three dollars a piece, but you are told that for twice as much the provider will cut the cost down by 10 percent for every year that you purchase from them. You are faced with a choice, do you decide to just purchase the resource at its regular price, or do you make the investment to make the resource much cheaper in the future. The dilemma that you face in feeding your nation is quite similar to problems that scientists and government officials around the world work to solve every single day. The problem is that Nonrenewable energy, despite its various hazards, economic erraticism, and limited availability, has remained the world 's primary source of energy because of its pre existing infrastructure, government subsidy, and low cost. It is morally unjust for society to further rely on fossil fuels as the world 's primary source of energy. The production of fossil fuels and like materials pose innumerable environmental hazards, release large amounts of waste when committed to energy production, and their use is both physically and economically unsustainable; therefore, we must establish…

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