The Problem Of Neglect And Neglect Essay example

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“Why doesn’t my mommy want me?” “Children don’t belong inside!” “She ain’t my daughter!” “He isn’t my son!” “I prefer young kids, like you brother.” “Why doesn’t my daddy love me?” “We don’t even want you two!” “Don’t worry, I want my real dad!” These are phrases I heard way too much this past summer. A little boy and a little girl both left alone in the cold by their own two parents. Their brother, a three year old spoiled toddler, gets every bit of their mother and father’s attention. The youngest child of any family usuals received gets noticed the most, but with this family, things are much different. This dysfunctional family in Limington is filled with one major issue, neglect: a subject many hear about at a young age, but normally do not experience or witness. This country’s form of neglect usually involves animals, so seeing the sin be involved with a human family with children, my heart breaks into pieces. If the awful words weren’t bad enough, the children are physically neglected as well. Granite the family doesn’t have electricity, a water pump, and only a house in progress, but Nathan and Shasta could at least get fed on a regular and daily basis. Junior is allowed more than one meal a day, why shouldn’t his siblings? They are as skinny as rails, and it is visible to anyone that it is not just their immune systems. LIterally, how hard is it for their parents to simply hand each of them an apple or banana? Making the 12 and 13 year olds wait until lunch or…

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