The Problem Of Losing A Friend Essay

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Losing a friend can be a tough situation to undergo and with the growth of social media, it’s hard to find a genuine friendship. However, what most people do sit on their couches and watch TV reminding them of the loss. I believe that students experience this the most because of the constant transition phrases we go through in life. For example, leaving high school and going to college. Most of us left behind a lot of good friends and we also remind ourselves of the decent times we had with them. Therefore, one may use TV as to ways to take away their feeling of loneliness. Although television can cause one to feel alienated. The viewers watch these shows to be reminded of a great friendship; it replaces the feeling of loss. I agree with Gabler, it may be slightly odd to consider this claim, but it’s quite true. Whether one is watching That ‘70s show, One Tree Hill and even a share of Glee. There is always an image that shows friends, or family always being there for each other. I do not think the viewers just look at the flawless traits a character demonstrates but instead the kind of relations they show with their crowd.
Television cause one to become depressed because of the anxiety of missing their friends. The viewer may use television as a way to block one’s self from the real world. Yoon Hi Sung reported “a survey on 316 18- to 29-year-olds on how often they watched TV; how often they had feelings of loneliness, depression and self-regulation deficiency; and…

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