The Problem Of Lgbtq Issues Essay

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History of the Problem LGBTQ issues have grown tremendously throughout the years. Just 40+ years ago, coming out as gay, let alone transgender, was a risk for one’s job, family, and safety. In the seventies, gay protests and groups arose. However, now the world is advancing and becoming more open minded and accepting, but there is a lot of work to do with gender issues. Gender confusion or issues are dealt with older people as well as young kids, and when kids go through this change or confusion during their school years, many problems can arise. One of them is school facilities like bathrooms and locker rooms where trans and non-binary students feel stuck. Transgender means a person’s identified gender is different than their biological/ birth gender. Non-binary or Genderfluid means a person feels they don’t fit into one gender, and have qualities of boys and girls, and can switch from mainly girl to mainly guy or right in the middle. Gendered bathrooms and facilities have been an issue for transgender and non-binary people for as long as gendered bathrooms have existed, but it only started to arise publicly now. These facilities make non-cisgendered students feel unsafe (Pelleschi 50). Cisgender means that a person identifies as the sex they were born as. “The 2013 National School Climate Survey from the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network found more than ⅔ of transgender students avoid the restrooms and little over a half avoid using the locker room” (pg. 53).…

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