The Problem Of Infrastructure And Unemployment Essay

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The problem of infrastructure and unemployment is a major cause of worry and issue within the Native American reservation. The infrastructure of reservations stated by National Relief Charities (NRC) is “comparable to the Third World”(NRC). This statement equates to the fact that Native American reservations lack common essentials such as running water, functioning power, and development for business. As a result of lack of developmenting businesses, creates a lack of jobs within the reservation. The unemployment of Native Americans are “...four to eight out of ten adults on reservations are unemployed” (Native American Aid). This shows that on average three out of five Native Americans on the reservation are unemployed. The lack of businesses create a lack of openings for jobs within the reservation. Based on past studies done by Economic Policy Institute, shows that Native Americans are near double the unemployment rate than whites in America. By showing that whites of America are not close to the Native American unemployment rate demonstrates; that it is not the overall economy providing the high unemployment on reservation, but the reservation’s infrastructure causing the problem.

Alcoholism is a significant problem with in the Native American reservations. A problem such as alcoholism is a result of one major problem as well a creator of other big problems. Pine Ridge reservation in Nebraska has the most known for alcoholism. This reservation alone has filed for over…

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