The Problem Of Indexicals Inside Putnam 's Twin Earth Essay

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The Problem of indexicals inside Putnam’s twin earth Semantic externalism, the idea that the meaning of terms is defined by factors external to the speaker. So two speakers can have inside their brains an identical brain states at the point of making a statement as the extension is separate from the brain state. Putnam is trying to establish the view that
1. The meaning of a term is determined by the psychological state of the person using it
2. The extension of a term is determined by its meaning.
These two points together do not entail the following conclusion as either point one or two is false.
3. The extension of a term is determined by the psychological state of the person who uses it.
So Putnam created a thought experiment of two earths that are near identical twins of each other in almost every way. So with this assumption of two near identical earths we should assume within these twin earths the surroundings and people between these two worlds are exactly the same. Furthermore, in both worlds have populations that both speak English or at least a language that is superficially the same English and refer to themselves as New Zealanders, English and American . However, there is one major difference between the two worlds is that on one earth there is no water, in its place is another liquid called ‘XYZ’ which has superficially the same properties as water but is chemically profoundly different. Both inhabitants of these twin worlds refer to this liquid as water in…

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